Forty Girl…that's me! I am a recently divorced woman in my 40s, and am now a single mother with a career. Join me as I start this exciting new chapter in my life. Let's chat!

Forty and working on fabulous

Hello all!

I recently turned 40…I was surprised on my birthday by my husband and some dear friends at a local restaurant.  You can imagine my surprise as my husband and I drove past one of our favorite restaurants and saw some folks with large wigs, I hoped they were wigs anyway, holding signs.  As I looked at my husband and said out loud, “maybe we need to consider broadening our restaurant horizons”, I realized that I recognized these individuals!  What is going on?  Good grief!  Looking closer I realized the signs said “Happy Birthday”.  A look of shock, I am sure, spread across my face and relief that the signs did not state my age, as they were being held up on one of the busiest roads in our area.  Upon closer inspection, I realized it was my dear friends dressed in disco gear, sporting some wild wigs.   They had a disco-themed gathering planned. It was perfect, and all masterminded by the man I sleep next to every he stood there acting like he could not believe all that was transpiring.  🙂  My hubby got me good! The rest of my family surprised me the next day with a Hawaiian themed gathering.  I must say turning 40 was filled with lots of fun, family and friends; however, I had been dreading the event of turning forty, anyone else out there relate? 

I look in the mirror and know I have some work to do, more about that later, but other than that I just don’t feel forty!!!!!!! I don’t even think I look it!?   So, over this year of being forty I plan to talk about my experiences and want to hear about yours.  So those of you that are forty, those of you who have already turned forty, and those of you who think it is a long way off, Ha!  It is closer that you think, get your best stories ready and let’s share and work to celebrate each other. Until next time…stay fabulous!

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