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Been Awhile…working on being a better human! Anyone else?

on July 19, 2013

Gosh! it has been awhile…I can’t believe how long it has been since I posted my one and only post…good grief!  Well, originally I thought I would write about my 40th year; however, that came and went with a flash; however, blessings a plenty.  Since I have turned 40, I have decided to embark on some, shall we say construction of self.  A lot of reflecting on my life. I have faced situations, shall we say, that sounds more positive than challenges. 🙂 I am working on the positivity in my life, being a better wife, being the mother my son needs me to be, being a better friend, better boss, better co-worker, and overall better human.  Anyone else out there working on being better person?  I know there are given the size of the self-help section at the book store! 🙂

Well, I would love to connect with others that are working on themselves and what they have discovered.  For so long I have looked out at the world and pointed out what is wrong, my perception of course, and you know what I am beginning to find?????? The old cliché is correct…if you want to make a change start with yourself, or as the famous pop song goes…the man, or in this case, woman in the mirror.

It seems so many people are looking for “things ” to make them happy! Just look at all the famous people that have died from various substance abuse issues, and yet, those of us looking from the common perspective (lack of a better word, even though common does not fit), seem to think they must have it all…fame, money, anything at their disposal, then again, maybe that is the issue.  Lots of things at their disposal but not the right things, or right belief.  Yes, I am a Christian, and proud of it!  I was reared a Christian; however, I must say I feel that in my walk as a Christian I am like a toddler taking my first real steps to get know the Bible and all that encompasses. Lord knows I have strayed and returned many times.  This time, I know, that I can’t stray anymore.  I am happiest when I am walking close to God!

So, part, the main part, of by becoming a better human campaign is to continue to walk closer and closer to God.  I am going to make lots of mistakes along the way, but know that He is the only way…definitely, for me.

So, those of you out there working on being a better person, keep it up…if we change ourselves…we CAN change the world!!!!


2 responses to “Been Awhile…working on being a better human! Anyone else?

  1. April Riley says:

    I believe a close walk with God is an essential part of self-improvement. Walking with him gives one the opportunity to commune with God and hear the daily word he has for us. I commend you on making this a part of your world.
    Much Love……. April

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