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Just thinking…

on July 20, 2013

My son, who is 4, is able to maneuver an IPAD with ease.  When our family goes out to a restaurant we are fascinated by looks we get as people watch our son from across the restaurant.  They, of course, are watching him on the IPAD and can’t believe that a child his age can actually work such a device.  Especially when you will hear adults make comments like “I am not sure what to do with an IPAD”.  My son has been my greatest gift…he has opened my eyes to the world in such a different way.  He keeps things in perspective for me, and helps me to see the beauty and greatness in the world…he is always happy! That is a lesson we all can learn…be happy, see the beauty and greatness. 

Anyway, back to my point.  Children of today are different…they are not the same as when you or I were in school. Studies are out that their brain chemistry is even different from children years ago, even not that long ago. 

As an educator, this information is fascinating to me, because many times our expectations of children are those of expecting them to behave and handle situations in a manner in which we did. Even TV has changed, when I was growing up, we did not have reality shows.  The closest thing we had to reality was a game show!  Children are exposed to many different situations at much younger ages.  Now, am I saying it is right or wrong…NO, but I am saying it is going on, and as a mother I need to work within the reality of the day to make sure I understand the world that my son will grow up in.  I want to be the mother he needs me to be, and to do that I must continually take in the world of today, and realize that he is going to be exposed to, and even comfortable with things I am not necessarily comfortable with. 

I also know that my reaction and behavior to outside situations is what my son is watching, and drawing from as he comes across situations he is faced with. This is another aspect of my introspective journey that I must keep in mind…am I handling situations that I face with grace and positivity that will set the positive example for my son? That is a question I must keep in the forefront of my mind…daily!


2 responses to “Just thinking…

  1. bookofmohs says:

    Very cool, yes it’s amazing how easily young children understand how to use the ipad. My 16 mo daughter is already able to swipe the icons back and forth and play basic games. Who knows what they’ll be teaching their kids.

    • 16 months old…it is truly amazing! Just think in a matter of years, they will think and IPAD is not big deal. It is hard to even process what the future is going to bring!

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