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My son…call him royalty!

on July 23, 2013

Well, the Prince of Cambridge has been born…this is exciting!  As I watched my usual morning show I was just as fascinated as so many others. Now, let me give you a different perspective, as I traveled to work with my “little man” riding along in his booster seat…it hits me…a royal baby may have been born in London, but royalty was born in to my family four years ago!  My “little man” chatted with me and directed me that he would like his juice opened, uh, how did it get phrased, oh yes, that’s right, “mommy open my juice… now!” As we arrived at work and we walked into the building he was doted over and hugged by my co-workers.  As I opened the door to my office, my “little man” had no problem taking his place, you guessed it…in my chair behind my desk! 

Tonight as he made a request for a McDonald’s Happy Meal, yes, I know I am writing about being healthy in my blog…I know, I know…I gave in during a moment of weakness…again I say to you…royalty was born in my family four years ago! My son made a request for honey mustard, and yes, you already know where this is going…no honey mustard.  So, as I am about a mile down the road, I am made very aware of the issue at hand…no honey mustard sauce, so I turn the car around and go back to make sure my prince is happy…of course!

As a parent it is so hard to maintain the balance of not giving too much, but I have to tell you.  When my angel smiles that smile and laughs that laugh and says that oh so sweet “Plllleeeeeaaaasseee mommy” I am done for.  I am merely a happy loyal subject to my precious prince. So, I just want all of you to know…a prince may have been born in London, but my prince was born four years ago!!!! 🙂


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