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Getting soaped!

on July 27, 2013

Okay all!  You know I am on a no paraben and sulfate kick, well, after looking at numerous body washes and soaps, I was given some all natural, homemade soaps, and they are WONDERFUL!  They smell great, make my skin so soft, and they are absolutely homemade, without a bunch of items I can’t even pronounce. is where you can order the soaps.  One of my favorites is the Lavender Luxury, oh my word…fabulous!  I also located a soap called African Black Soap at my local health food store…amazing!  From what I have read, the African Black Soap is great for clearing up any type of skin conditions, like acne, etc.  I am sold on these soaps…no going back.

Well, as I continue on my quest to go healthier, I am now on my way to making sure my largest organ is getting some healthy treatment…did you know your skin absorbs 60% of any substance you put on it…so, my guess is we should make sure we are absorbing stuff that is healthy for you.  What do you think??

Oh, one last thing before I close for the day…nutmeg and cinnamon is naturally anti-aging, do I have your attention now???  It did not take much to get my attention!  Let’s face it, men look better as they age, like a fine wine…however, women, not so much.  I intend to fight looking older every single solitary step of the way!  So, I read about this concoction…put nutmeg and cinnamon (equal parts) in a coffee filter in your coffee machine, brew like coffee, what you will have in your coffee pot is what you will put on your face with a cotton ball.  I keep my anti-aging concoction in the fridge and every night, dip the ol’ cotton ball into it and apply to my face. Now, call me crazy but I believe it is working…my fine lines are getting smaller-yippee!!  So, give it a shot and let me know what you think. Now, if only there was a concoction to rub on your hips that made them smaller, hmmm, I need to do some more research! 🙂



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