FortyGirl…that’s me! This blog is about a Christian wife, mother and educator who is working on being a better person. This is my very own personal self-improvement journey! I will share my successes, situations (so much better than saying challenges), and any other funny or serious issues that will come up along the way. I am an educator who absolutely believes we MUST be life-long learners…that is what keeps us young! So, the journey begins…here we go….

Putting things in perspective…

on August 2, 2013

Well, the other night around 11 PM my hubby and I were sitting on the couch talking…suddenly two extremely loud bangs took place which caused my hubby and I to move faster than most Olympic athletes!  My husband said “hand me the phone” and ran out on the porch.  As he was speaking to the 911 operator…an explosion and a huge blast of flames became visible, our house shook, and I mean shook!  My hair blew back with each explosion.  Well, it was around that time we realized that the Blue Rhino propane company was exploding!  What a night!  I spoke with my dad and they could hear the explosions where they live…approximately 25 miles away!!!!  They also could see the haze…seriously!  A little after midnight we were evacuated…so scary!  As I tried to figure out what I should take with us…we weren’t sure our home would be there in the morning…I began to put things into perspective!  I realized at that moment, as the police were banging on our door telling us to evacuate a home that may not be there in the morning, and that if I take much longer WE may not be there in the morning…the only thing that mattered was that my family evacuated and that we were safe!  Talk about putting things into perspective!  Well, we arrived at my parents home…all of us, my husband, my son and our pets. We were safe, and in the big scheme of things…that is what matters.  There were no fatalities during the many propane tank explosions…thank God!  That was a night that put things into perspective…seriously!


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