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State of public education…

on November 3, 2013

I have read all kinds of articles and watched all kinds of news programs talking about the state of public education.  I cannot be quiet any longer. Poverty seems to be a big reason for the challenges public education faces, more specifically the challenges that public educators face. As an educator, I agree that throwing money at education will not help our education system.  If we want to address poverty we MUST address the decline of the family unit.  A family unit can be made in many ways, but one thing it MUST be is POSITIVE.  Children must have stability, food, positive attention, safety, and love. Many times educators are looking forward to Christmas break or summer, and yet a number of our students are not, why? Because they do not want to spend time at home.  I have worked with students whose stories leave me haunted, and as an educator I do what I can to help fix the issue.  Educators are some of the most amazing humanitarians you will every encounter, but they are frustrated because they are not only charged with teaching children, they are faced with so much more…they know that a student’s basic needs must be met in order to engage them in learning.  Educators join the profession with the goal of making a difference in a child’s life, and let me tell you that is what they do. Not only do teacher’s academically work with children, but many times they feed them, clothe them, pay for their field trips, ensure they have food for the weekend, protect them, and provide them the much needed hugs and support…none of which can be measured on a standardized test.  Now I know there are some not so great teachers out there, and they need to leave the profession, but the majority come to school everyday working to make a difference. They attend sporting events, recitals, etc. so that the student knows how much they are valued. None of these can be measured by a test, and if you calculated all that an educator does and compared it to those in other fields you would definitely see they are underpaid. Educators did not get in to the profession for the pay, but a little respect would go a long way. Many educators I know have homes in foreclosure, cannot afford the insurance for their families, and qualify for government assistance, none of which they would want anyone to know.

Oh, and mandatory retention in third grade is NOT positive. I have sat in the room with teachers as they make the call to parents telling them that because their child did not make a certain score on the state assessment their child is being retained. I have heard parents cry on the phone after receiving the news, and I have watched teachers cry because a student was being retained due to the score on a test…oh, and that does not touch on what it does to the student.   Public education can use some tweaking, but so can the state of the family unit.


4 responses to “State of public education…

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  2. clayton paul says:

    Having been directly involved for many years with public education, I could not agree more so with what you’ve said here! I would only add that in my opinion, disallowing Godly principles to be taught is hurting the children’s overall educational experience.

    Banning religious student groups from meeting on school grounds, but requiring them to take “evolution-based” science courses is wrong. There is nothing hurtful in teaching basic respect for others to children, and it can be done irrespective of any particular church doctrine.

    In fact it should be done at home. But in many cases, it isn’t so. Let’s give the children a true, well-rounded education once again. Hold classes which teach “Godly principles” to balance the perspective which “Godless science” professes. That seems only fair to me.

    Thank you for allowing my comment…


    • Thank you for your comment and insight. I agree with you completely!

      • clayton paul says:

        I appreciate the reply. Sadly, not enough people in “higher places” within the education system agree with us. Also, we face opposition from many parents and citizen’s groups regarding “church vs. state” issues.

        If they only realized the problem they are creating for kids now and down the road…

        Take care and enjoy your day!

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