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Education…Just my opinion

I am an educator…that being said I go to work each day with the goal of being the best educator that I can be. I pray everyday on my way to work for guidance and strength. I believe in public education! That being said, it is difficult to continually listen to the comparisons that are reported comparing our public education system with that of other countries.  Do we need to make improvements to our system…YES! That being said, what makes this country great is that we educate EVERYONE. Sorry for the emphasis on everyone, but not every country that we are compared to does educate everyone. Public educators in this country are more than just teachers…they are counselors, advocates, surrogate parents, they buy clothes, they feed, they nurture, and then they educate. Let’s face it, when a student is hungry or surviving they do not care about “fact families”.

We are always compared to how much we are behind other countries in education. Well, I do not believe that some of the behaviors public school educators face everyday would even be allowed to go on in other countries. I do not think a student would be allowed to go into a fit of rage, throw a chair and level a classroom in say, Japan, and return a day later. More and more we have students sitting in our classrooms with mood disorders, medical conditions that are classed as fragile, and we are still expected to educate, and we do. 

Now, are there some folks that do not need to be in the teaching profession, absolutely…are there folks that don’t need to be in the medical profession, or sales, etc.? Absolutely.

My point in this rant, sorry, a little fired up here, is we seem to be blamed for anything wrong with the system.  Again, do we need to work to fix our system? Yes. Do legislators and the public really need to know a little more about what is expected of educators and what we really do everyday? Yes. 

The amount of testing, so teachers can be held accountable, is unbelievable…if you tally up how much the students at my school are tested over the course of a year, it is close to a 4 week period. Teachers are not against accountability; however, they need time to teach and the freedom to teach. They also cannot be held accountable for what a child goes home to every day or whether or not that child is getting the appropriate medical treatment. I have students who do not know whose home they are going home to each day, or even how they are going home.

I think honest dialogue amongst educators, legislators and the public needs to take place.  A willingness to listen…is imperative in order to make our public school system what it needs to be. Everyone must do their part. Continual comparisons of apples to oranges doesn’t help either. We are not Japan, we are not China, we are not India, we are not any other country but the proud and great United States. I would not want to be an educator anywhere else!


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