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Father’s Day…post about a special memory

on June 15, 2014

Today is the day in which we stop for a moment and thank our fathers. Please post a special memory you have with your dad. I would love to read about all those special moments with you, so share out and talk about a special time with dear Ol’ dad.  

I have quite a few special memories with my dad, but I will not ever forget our father-daughter date nights. They started when we lived in Germany. I was in the first and second grade. Every couple of months I would get all dressed up and my dad would take me out to a nice restaurant…just he and I. I loved having all of his attention to myself. My brother was at home with my mom, and I was the special one those nights. I know that I chatted the night away, and I am sure my dad found it hard to get a word in.  We continued our father-daughter date nights even after we moved to Colorado, and I must say that every other month we still get together for a quick bite just he and I. I treasured those moments then and still treasure them today. 

Now, let’s read about your special memories with dad…


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