FortyGirl…that’s me! This blog is about a Christian wife, mother and educator who is working on being a better person. This is my very own personal self-improvement journey! I will share my successes, situations (so much better than saying challenges), and any other funny or serious issues that will come up along the way. I am an educator who absolutely believes we MUST be life-long learners…that is what keeps us young! So, the journey begins…here we go….

Stepping into a new realm…stay young…learn something new

on June 18, 2014

Well, I am currently attending a conference to become a better educator…it has been amazing….inspiring in so many ways with a focus on what education is all about…the students!!!!  At this conference, I, too, have become a student. I am now tweeting!!!  I have attempted to tweet in the past, but I must say have been a little unsure…kind of like a student being presented with a new skill. Well, not kind of like, EXACTLY like! I am now on Twitter and I am loving it. I have learned a new skill and it has made me feel younger and more a part of what is going on. Isn’t it funny how learning something new can make you feel renewed? 

With Twitter I am connecting with people I will more than  likely never meet, but seeing their ideas and thoughts…so interesting. It is like a clinical study on human behavior!  So, as I blog on and on…the lesson here…is step out of your comfort zone, be a lifelong learner…after all, it really is the fountain of youth.  Learning something new and feeling unsure can really make us feel confident and young again. What are you going to learn today?


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