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The Impact we make.

on June 19, 2014

I read a quote today…”If your presence doesn’t make an impact, then your absence won’t make a difference”. I thought about that quote and then really thought about it. How powerful is that statement?  As a wife, mother and educator that statement is very profound….It is so important for us to make an impact on the people we come in contact with, and more specifically a POSITIVE one.   As a Christian, I want people to “see” that I am Christian by my actions. I know I fall short every single day, but the goal is to try, try again. Over the past couple of days, I have tried to pay compliments to people from telling one woman, ” I really like your dress”, to a man in the elevator,”don’t take this the wrong way, but you smell very good”. They were genuine compliments, genuine be the key word. Her dress really was beautiful…kind of a peacock print, and he really did smell great. 

I know these examples are simple and not real high on the profound list, but I think it is the simple acts and interactions that make a difference. 

As an educator, I must make a positive impact on my students. I am a school Principal and every single student that walks through the doors of my school deserve to be impacted in ways that make them feel valued, respected, important, and the list goes on and on. Schools should be safe havens for all children…places where they are going to be met with success because the adults in the building are willing to do anything to make sure they are successful…to make an impact. I don’t think educators are aware of the power they have, how they affect the students they come in contact with, but we cannot forget. I can only remember two educators that had a positive impact on my life, truly a positive impact. Now, that is sad. What is even more sad is I have heard that story more often than not. So…my goal and purpose is to make an impact on people’s lives as much as possible, and to make sure that the students I encounter every day feel valued.  I want to make a positive impact on my family, my school, the world. 

How about you? What impact are you making? Are you going to make?


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