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Freedom means to me…

on July 4, 2014

As the Fourth of July quickly approaches I begin to reflect on what freedom really means…As a Christian it means I have the ability and power to worship openly without concern of being persecuted. I had the ability to pick the career that I wanted, to decide who I wanted to marry, and I am free to have an opinion and express it, and the list goes on and on.
That being said, I also know what freedom is not…freedom is not being inconsiderate to those around you, being able to say whatever you want without consequence, and expecting everyone to have the same opinion as you. Unfortunately, many people feel that playing their music so loud it disrupts everyone around them is their right. There are those that think being disrespectful to the folks in a movie theater, who are simply trying to watch a movie in quiet, is their right as well, and let us not forget the person who carries on a phone conversation in a public place with no concern for anyone around. Let’s be clear those are not freedoms.
Freedom means respecting one another, valuing varying opinions, appreciating differences, and remembering that we have the right to choose. We live in the most amazing country. Yes, we have issues and challenges as a country, but that just means that we must each play our part in protecting the freedoms that our country was founded on. So, take a moment and reflect on what freedom means to you, and when you see a veteran or a soldier tell them “thank you” for protecting those freedoms that you reflected on. Happy Fourth of July!


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