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Getting soaped!

Okay all!  You know I am on a no paraben and sulfate kick, well, after looking at numerous body washes and soaps, I was given some all natural, homemade soaps, and they are WONDERFUL!  They smell great, make my skin so soft, and they are absolutely homemade, without a bunch of items I can’t even pronounce. is where you can order the soaps.  One of my favorites is the Lavender Luxury, oh my word…fabulous!  I also located a soap called African Black Soap at my local health food store…amazing!  From what I have read, the African Black Soap is great for clearing up any type of skin conditions, like acne, etc.  I am sold on these soaps…no going back.

Well, as I continue on my quest to go healthier, I am now on my way to making sure my largest organ is getting some healthy treatment…did you know your skin absorbs 60% of any substance you put on it…so, my guess is we should make sure we are absorbing stuff that is healthy for you.  What do you think??

Oh, one last thing before I close for the day…nutmeg and cinnamon is naturally anti-aging, do I have your attention now???  It did not take much to get my attention!  Let’s face it, men look better as they age, like a fine wine…however, women, not so much.  I intend to fight looking older every single solitary step of the way!  So, I read about this concoction…put nutmeg and cinnamon (equal parts) in a coffee filter in your coffee machine, brew like coffee, what you will have in your coffee pot is what you will put on your face with a cotton ball.  I keep my anti-aging concoction in the fridge and every night, dip the ol’ cotton ball into it and apply to my face. Now, call me crazy but I believe it is working…my fine lines are getting smaller-yippee!!  So, give it a shot and let me know what you think. Now, if only there was a concoction to rub on your hips that made them smaller, hmmm, I need to do some more research! 🙂


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The healthy part of my journey….going organic and natural

In my quest for self-improvement I am also working on getting healthier, and all that encompasses.  I have been doing a lot of healthy reading…magazines, research on the web, books, you name it I am definitely in healthy research mode…must be the educator in me.  I also know it has a lot to do with the birth of my son.  I want to be healthy for him!  I have got to stay active to keep up with my “little man”!  so, back to my healthy quest…

I attended a workshop on going organic…I could not believe my ears when the speaker told the audience that all breast cancer tumors have parabens in them…good grief!!!!  So, imagine my shock when I looked at some very famous baby lotions and found that they too had parabens in them.  Needless to say I was a little upset to think I had been lathering my precious son up with lotion daily and they all contained parabens. So, I guess you can say that I am making it a mission of mine to go paraben free!  Thankfully, it is getting easier to go paraben and sulfate free because more and more products are available. 

it may sound crazy but since I have been working on being healthier…supplements, natural skin care, natural hair conditioners, just to name a couple I truly feel better!  As a matter of fact, I am sitting with my all natural Moroccan clay mask-feels great, even though I look a little hilarious. My son must be getting used to seeing me wear masks because he looked at me and did not even bat an eye! 🙂 I just conditioned my hair with almond oil and peppermint oil-almond oil to condition and peppermint oil to stimulate the scalp.  I soak my hair with the mixture, then wrap my hair in a towel and leave it on for 30 minutes, then wash out.  My hair truly feels softer and looks better.  I would recommend giving it a try!  So, by the end of this evening I will have soft and silky hair, and fabulous looking skin, more toned with small pores…my goodness I sound like an infomercial! 🙂

More healthy tips to come and more stories as I continue this journey of getting healthier and becoming a new me…should be interesting!  If anyone out there has any fabulous healthy tips, whether eating or beauty please share!  This is a journey I can by no means make alone…lots of prayers, tips and ideas from other folks, and I am one day closer to a healthier, better me! 

Whew! I better get this mask off or I am going to be drawn a little too tight in the pores department…