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Prayer Warriors Needed…Immediately

All you have to do today is turn on the television and you are bombarded with negativity. I have this image that God is looking down from his throne on high, and is shaking his head as he observes the events taking place in our nation, and across the globe. We have violent protests, we have police officers getting shot and under public scrutiny, we have a terrorist organization terrorizing the world, Christians are under attack across the world, human trafficking is alive and well in this world. Our country is polarizing, our world is polarizing and it is scary! I truly worry about the future, not so much for me, but for my son, my nephews, our youth as a whole.What is going on???  We need prayer! We need action!

The beauty of this country is that you have a right to peaceful protest…peaceful. Now, our nation has a history of violence, as does the world in general, but what happened to learning from past history. I remember hearing in school “history always repeats itself”, well, at that time I wasn’t so sure, but I now know how true that statement is!

In conversations with people I am amazed at the fact that some people truly have no idea what is going on in the world. We are in the midst of an election for the next President, and many people do not know specifics about the candidates. They do not know what is happening in the world today, but can tell me what is happening on the latest reality show! Seriously! It is time to get engaged in reality! On the flip side I have had people say, “I’m just not going to vote or I will just write someone in on the ballot”. Come on…take a stand for one candidate or the other, after you get the facts, but don’t just remain silent by not voting, or writing in some name that doesn’t stand a chance. Get involved! Have an educated voice, Pray about it!!!

Our nation is hurting, our citizens are hurting each other and pulling away from each other, and we must take action to reunify. We need Prayer Warriors! We need Prayer Warriors that will pray every day for healing for our country, our world. We need Prayer Warriors that pray for our country’s leaders, future leaders, our people. We need prayer Warriors to heal hearts, mend families, cure addictions, bring about personal peace. God is listening!

As a Prayer Warrior you will be drawn, like a magnet, to make a change. Get involved locally, donate whether it is time, money or both. Support a cause, share the message of Christ. Now, I am the first one to say I am not comfortable approaching strangers, as I am not even comfortable praying in front of a group of people, but that is the beauty of being a Prayer Warrior. You do not need to approach strangers or pray out loud…this can be done privately, and as for sharing your faith, and God’s message…that can be done through your actions.

I will tell you I am working on the praying in front of people, and talking with strangers, remember taking action…baby steps. I took a leap of faith and began a book study at church, and I am preparing to lead another one. I have shared the books with co-workers and friends as well. Taking action can start out small. I promise you will find it easier and easier as you continue to take those small leaps of faith.

Stop and reflect today. What can you do to make a difference? Change does in fact start with us. Will you join me, and encourage others, to become a Prayer Warrior?

Here is a prayer to get you started…

Dear Lord, you are aware of what is happening in the world, and specifically in our nation. Please put your hand on me and lead me to help bring a positive change. Please heal the hearts of those hurting. Please refocus the eyes of our nation back on you. Please unify the citizens of this great nation, and please place in the office of President the candidate that represents you and your values, and will lead our country being guided by you, Lord.

In Jesus’ name…Amen

Welcome Prayer Warrior! God IS listening!


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Father’s Day…post about a special memory

Father's Day…post about a special memory.

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The perfect balance…

As an educator and professional woman, sometimes it is difficult to balance work and family.  As much as I would like to claim that I am a “superwoman” that is simply not true.  Sometimes it is hard to walk away from work and come home, even though being home is where I truly want to be ( my husband would try to argue this point right now) 🙂 

Oh, my journey to be a better person…sometimes I feel like I fall short in the family department.  I had a great day at work and truly felt like the challenges I faced were handled so positively due to the many prayers I prayed that all would go smoothly. I believe it is time I pray for a balance with my family and work. I am determined that I am going to find the perfect balance!!!  🙂 This is one more area, the most important area, that I need to focus on in my personal journey, so the journey continues….

Oh, I wonder if other working females, or males for that matter, feel that striking the right balance is difficult?????? Ok, so another part of my journey is to find the balance, as stated above. 


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The healthy part of my journey….going organic and natural

In my quest for self-improvement I am also working on getting healthier, and all that encompasses.  I have been doing a lot of healthy reading…magazines, research on the web, books, you name it I am definitely in healthy research mode…must be the educator in me.  I also know it has a lot to do with the birth of my son.  I want to be healthy for him!  I have got to stay active to keep up with my “little man”!  so, back to my healthy quest…

I attended a workshop on going organic…I could not believe my ears when the speaker told the audience that all breast cancer tumors have parabens in them…good grief!!!!  So, imagine my shock when I looked at some very famous baby lotions and found that they too had parabens in them.  Needless to say I was a little upset to think I had been lathering my precious son up with lotion daily and they all contained parabens. So, I guess you can say that I am making it a mission of mine to go paraben free!  Thankfully, it is getting easier to go paraben and sulfate free because more and more products are available. 

it may sound crazy but since I have been working on being healthier…supplements, natural skin care, natural hair conditioners, just to name a couple I truly feel better!  As a matter of fact, I am sitting with my all natural Moroccan clay mask-feels great, even though I look a little hilarious. My son must be getting used to seeing me wear masks because he looked at me and did not even bat an eye! 🙂 I just conditioned my hair with almond oil and peppermint oil-almond oil to condition and peppermint oil to stimulate the scalp.  I soak my hair with the mixture, then wrap my hair in a towel and leave it on for 30 minutes, then wash out.  My hair truly feels softer and looks better.  I would recommend giving it a try!  So, by the end of this evening I will have soft and silky hair, and fabulous looking skin, more toned with small pores…my goodness I sound like an infomercial! 🙂

More healthy tips to come and more stories as I continue this journey of getting healthier and becoming a new me…should be interesting!  If anyone out there has any fabulous healthy tips, whether eating or beauty please share!  This is a journey I can by no means make alone…lots of prayers, tips and ideas from other folks, and I am one day closer to a healthier, better me! 

Whew! I better get this mask off or I am going to be drawn a little too tight in the pores department…



Just thinking…

My son, who is 4, is able to maneuver an IPAD with ease.  When our family goes out to a restaurant we are fascinated by looks we get as people watch our son from across the restaurant.  They, of course, are watching him on the IPAD and can’t believe that a child his age can actually work such a device.  Especially when you will hear adults make comments like “I am not sure what to do with an IPAD”.  My son has been my greatest gift…he has opened my eyes to the world in such a different way.  He keeps things in perspective for me, and helps me to see the beauty and greatness in the world…he is always happy! That is a lesson we all can learn…be happy, see the beauty and greatness. 

Anyway, back to my point.  Children of today are different…they are not the same as when you or I were in school. Studies are out that their brain chemistry is even different from children years ago, even not that long ago. 

As an educator, this information is fascinating to me, because many times our expectations of children are those of expecting them to behave and handle situations in a manner in which we did. Even TV has changed, when I was growing up, we did not have reality shows.  The closest thing we had to reality was a game show!  Children are exposed to many different situations at much younger ages.  Now, am I saying it is right or wrong…NO, but I am saying it is going on, and as a mother I need to work within the reality of the day to make sure I understand the world that my son will grow up in.  I want to be the mother he needs me to be, and to do that I must continually take in the world of today, and realize that he is going to be exposed to, and even comfortable with things I am not necessarily comfortable with. 

I also know that my reaction and behavior to outside situations is what my son is watching, and drawing from as he comes across situations he is faced with. This is another aspect of my introspective journey that I must keep in mind…am I handling situations that I face with grace and positivity that will set the positive example for my son? That is a question I must keep in the forefront of my mind…daily!